Dam line 7126

Already in the end of the 18 th century the importance of the documentation of the mare families was recognised. A simple numbering system, the so called Stammnummer, makes it possible to reconstruct the origin of the horses. In the breeding planing the dam lines are very important, which is also emphasized by the Breeding Manager of the Holsteiner Verband, Dr. Thomas Nissen: “As we know today, decisive broad mares and sires are no coincidence. Mostly they derive from proven mares families.“

The stem 7126 is based by the basic mare no 10594 by Electron, who delivered the mare Usalia by Schnelus (Hann) in 1926:“black, blaze, white sock right fore.“(Holsteiner Gestütsbuch, Band XIV). This mare was taken to the sire Manhard (stem 256) and thereby she delivered the mare Amstetten. From the covering with Marabu II (stem 2178) Lisene was born 1952. In the Stallion Book by Dr. Rossow, part I, Marabu II is described as:“grey, delivered pretty horses with good lines and enough volume, strong dry legs with good joints“.

Fra Diavoloby Frivol xx out of Lisene

  • born 1969
  • nominated in 1971
  • won several international S-jumpings under Hauke Schmidt

Lisene had been mated with the stallion Mandarin The offspring Urbine was born in 1960. Urbine was as well mated with Frivol and gave birth to the nominated stallion Freemann in 1967.

Please find following an extract of the Stallions test 1972 in Elmshorn:

This test was won by Freeman and Fra Diavolo was runner-up.

Freeman by Frivol xx out of Urbine H

Holsteiner Pferd, Heft 3, 1972, page 29:

At the stallion station Siethwende beside the important sires Cor de la Bryere, Tumbled xx and fasolt there is another interesting Frivol xx-son, the 5-year-old bay sire Freeman out of a dam by Mandarin - Marabu II - Manhard. Because of his big frames, his pleasant temperament and his enormous jumping capacity this sire should be of particular interest for mating jumping mares. The extraordinary basic gates make this sire especially interesting.

So Freeman and Fra Diavolo keep the Frivol xx - bloodline in the breed. Maas Johannes Hell descripe Frivol xx as a sire with „ big hardness and nerves of steel.“

1972 we purchased Freeman's dam - the Holsteiner mare „Urbine H“, pregnant by Moltke I. So we had the foundation for our horse breeding of today.

Our basic mare Urbine H by Mandarin out of Lisene H von Marabu II - Manhard

Urbine H: basic mare of our mare family 7126

  • Dam of Freeman
  • Half sister of Fra Diavolo
  • Grandmother of the sires Aktionär I + II
  • Grandmother of the world class sire Burggraaf (KWPN)
  • Great-grandmother of the world class jumper Cosima

The performance stem is represented by the sires:
Lasirco, Accord I - III, Charisma, Lady's King, Acobat I - III, Chicago, Silverstone, Exodus, Athletico, Catango Z, Caddington, Jonny, Quidam, Aco Sirco, Cascari, Caesar Caligula. 

Several state premium mares and very successful sport horses are impressevely documenting the performance potential of the stem 7126.

Stem 7126

  • to keep these valuable performance blood lines
  • to match our mares with the best Holsteiner sires
  • to strive for breeding progress
  • to breed modern sport horses with character, perseverance, hardness and jumping ability

- this is our passion -