About us

Our family can look back on a long tradition. For more than 400 years the farm in Weddelbrook belonged to our family.

Beside arable farming and cattle and pig farming the grandfather of todays owner, Johannes Kartens ran an extensive horse breeding and a flourishing business with young horses.

The property is shaping the picture of the village.

Even Queen Wilhelmine of the Netherlands 1904 bought driving horses from grandfather in Weddelbrook.

Johannes Karstens, 1910

Johannes Karstens landed a great breeding success with "Nelke". She became the winner of big jumping classes in Berlin, Hamburg, Aachen and Budapest and she participated in the Olympic Games 1936 under Karlo Schunck.

Karla Schunck on 'Nelke'

Breeding of performance horses, which are wanted by the market, were the highest demands in those days like today..

Beside the breed of the Holsteiner horses the parents, Willi Karstens und wife Erna (born Frahm) started breeding trotters after 1944 to have another income.

The stallion Plutarch, pure Amarican bred, won the Trotting Derby 1934 with Charlie Mills. From 1948 he was breeding in Weddelbrook. Plutarch made an European record for three-years-old horses ( km - time = 1:20,6 ), which should last 8 years.

Plutarch by Peter Pluto out of Sister Ruth

"Tolerant" won several races, amongst them:

  • the "Hamburger Cup" 1950
  • the "Großen Deutschen Traberpreis"

Tolerant by Prolog out of Toisyde

In spite of the mechanization of the agriculture the horse breeding and the horse sport were held on to consequently. Willi Karstens is known as a great promotor of the rural riding. Every year a horse show was carried out on our farm.

After getting married we relied on the agricultural business in Hagen under the name ZG Ingeborg and Klaus Block to build up our own horse breeding.

Our farm in Hagen