Are you are looking for a talented young horse, sporthorse, or broodmare with a solid foundation of training behind it?
We invite you to visit our breeding and training yard!




We are proud to place large pride in having age‐appropriate basic training without overburdening the young horses. 

The solid basic training is not alone for founding the basis for continued success in the sport, but also done in the long‐term interest of maintaining the horse’s health.

We give each horse time enough for his/her optimum development and growth.

With us you have the choice of: 
Broodmaresyoungsterssporthorses for every demand and at different price classes

  • Foals from the thoroughbred Holsteiner dam line 7126
  • Colts with excellent breeding
  • Solidly built, talented, not yet publicly presentedsporthorses
  • Amateur or junior horse with excellent character and success in classes A – M
  • Young horses with tournament success
  • Sporthorses for the international professional sport
  • Supporting mares from the highly successfulHolsteiner dam line 7126

By telephone booking you are welcome to get an overview of our broodmares, young horses, sporthorses and practice riding.

We would like to showcase the horses we have available for sale, such as our sporthorses and young horses.